Wise Woman : Bean Feasa

img001The first Wise Woman I met was Fran Tripp. Not long after we had become acquainted she asked would I like to be crowned Wise Woman also. At first I demurred, thinking I was undeserving of such a title. However, in November 2013 I was crowned by Fran in a ceremony that celebrated age, power and wisdom.

Until recently tradition held that there were three phases to a woman’s life: maiden, mother and wise woman. Now it is accepted that a woman’s life embraces four seasons: maiden, mother, matriarch and wise woman.

A matriarch is a woman in her power, an autumn queen who celebrates her achievements and meets the challenges of age with grace.

With five children, one grandchild, and several books and plays to my name, I am happy to acknowledge that this is the season I now inhabit. It means I am on the cusp of wisdom and recognises that, although I have been crowned Wise Woman, I have much to learn before embracing its mantle.


3 thoughts on “Wise Woman : Bean Feasa

  1. Wonderful blog Celia. I love the idea of acknowledging the wisdom of women. Fran’s wisdom came through you to me. I can see what Fran recognised in you Celia. You have inspired me at many levels, particularly the one where you always see that women can achieve whatever they wish for at any stage of their lives. Creativity and Desire go on until the grave, we will remember never to give up. Your work output is monumental, please keep going.


  2. Powerful on so many levels. Very proud of ya, aunty; you’re a torch bearer for, and champion of women worldwide. It resonates with all our sisters. Xx


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